All you need is a computer, internet connection and silence

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Your house is the best office. Home clothing
is the most suitable dresscode
It is quite different from an office job
  • Schedule
    You plan you work however you see fit. You don’t have to wake up early in the morning and enjoy the morning traffic. You can always take a day off whenever you wish.
  • Near the family
    You can enjoy spending more time with your family, you’ll have time to cook dinner and meet the kids from school.
  • Economy
    You don’t have to waste time to get ready for work and on your way there. Instead you save money on transportation, lunches and dress code. It’s very convenient to work from home in any weather.
  • Job for everyone
    It’s often difficult to find a job to your qualification or salary in small cities. Working with PAOcard doesn’t require conventional education – we will teach you everything you need. With PAOcard your earnings depend on the quality and results of your work.
  • -Consulting clients by answering calls (doesn’t involve searching for clients). All the matters are solved on the phone since we don’t have physical offices
  • -Performing banking operations remotely
  • -Work with one of the best and newest (integrated with several system) CRM systems available
  • - An excellent command of English;
  • - Clean and well-bred speech. Ability to express your thoughts quickly and accurately;
  • - High stress resistance;
  • - Phone negotiating experience is a plus;
  • - Good PC skills;
  • - $300+ salary;
  • - Obligatory advanced professional training, Career growth and salary increase, including possible transfer to other divisions;
  • - Work schedule is 5/2 (floating days off);
  • - Comfortable working conditions;
  • - A great and experienced team and interesting work.
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