PAOcard TOP leaders: New Horizons and the Potential!

The company People Allocate One Card International Group is searching for new ambassadors of PAOcard all around the world. We are talking about official representatives which will be able to represent the company in their respective countries in the long-term perspective. 

Investors, top leaders, and blockchain specialists are interested in cooperation and contact us with suggestions of development and new investment strategies. We are currently setting up a team of top leaders which will work directly with PAOcard advisors in the process of working out events and planning of promotion of the company at the new markets. 

The idea, the purpose and the result of PAOcard motivate cities, regions and the whole countries of the world to join and become our partners. More and more active teams invest and receive a decent result. What is more, they successfully promote PAOcard with the help of events and receive additional good bonuses for these activities! 
We render multi-aspect support to our partners and pay them bounty. 

Below are the current actual forms of cooperation: 
Holding a webinar for potential clients and investors. The required conditions: gather an audience of 200-300 persons; make a presentation of the company, its banking products and the investment offers. 
Remuneration: USD 1,000

Holding an offline presentation. The required conditions: to arrange a meeting with the potential clients and investors. The minimal audience: 100 people. The company shall reimburse all the expenses. 
Remuneration: from USD 5,000 depending on the results of the held event
Hurry up to get the information which may change your life! 

If you want to cooperate with PAOcard please get in touch with us through the ticket system 

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