Welcome to the Blockchain technology era with PAOcard

In cooperation with a range of major companies, PAOcard and Prime Credit Bank have tested merchant acquiring. The blockchain-bаsеd platform had been created within 6 months. 
According to the research by People Allocate One Card International Group CO. LIMITED, 81% of respondents consider the opportunity of choosing a currency in order to pay for goods and services as an important feature, Currency conversion is another hidden reef of the international merchant acquiring for the fact that the processing currency (presentment currency) may differ from the payout currency (the currency deposited to the merchant’s bank account). PAOcard erases those barriers and lets the clients choose the payment method. 

Advantages of merchant acquiring with PAOcard: 
Acceptance of payment via website or mobile app; 
Rapid money transfer – all your transactions are displayed in the user account; 
Acceptance of payment by VISA cards, as well as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and other payment systems; 
Payments from all over the world; 
Simple integration, ready-made module solutions by PAOcard; 
Easy-to-handle user account which includes sales analytics and payment management. 

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