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Apr 19, 2019

The user art***** from Vietnam has won the Multiplier $5000 lottery.  The winning combination x100 befell at the bet of $50. It is the largest lottery win over the last month. 
If you would like to participate in a win-win instant lottery “Multiplier” it is required to choose a bet amount, the payment system and press “SPIN”. The minimal bet amount is $5. 
Please don't forget to participate in the «Leaders' Race»! It is a unique program of loyality which does not have analogues! Become a leader! Exten the partners' network, attract clients and investors! 

Win more status points, become one of the TOP leaders and receive $10000.

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Apr 19, 2019
PAOcard improved site performance and security

You can simply estimate how it is convenient and easy to use company's website and mobile application in a few minutes.

Therefore, we make sure that the remote interaction of a client with a PAOcard is always as comfortable as possible - both in the first seconds after logging in and in the future. The active growth of number of regular users of the site and the PAOcard mobile application is a direct confirmation of the high level of functional development of our online services.

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Apr 03, 2019
PAOcard TOP leaders: New Horizons and the Potential!

The company People Allocate One Card International Group is searching for new ambassadors of PAOcard all around the world. We are talking about official representatives which will be able to represent the company in their respective countries in the long-term perspective. Investors, top leaders, and blockchain specialists are interested in cooperation and contact us with suggestions of development and new investment strategies. We are currently setting up a team of top leaders which will work directly with PAOcard advisors in the process of working out events and planning of promotion of the company at the new markets. 

The idea, the purpose and the result of PAOcard motivate cities, regions and the whole countries of the world to join and become our partners. 

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Mar 20, 2019
PAOcard is planning to arrange a Road Show on new markets

People Allocate One Card International Group intends to arrange Road Shows in order to extend the investor bаsе on a regular basis, including the new markets. 
«We are planning to hold a number of meetings with the investment community within the framework of the kick-off Road Show. In our opinion, the launch of the investment sector in the blockchain and private banking service PAOcard opens for the investors an attractive opportunity of having access to the growing world market of blockchain technologies» general director Man Fai Vito Ng is quoted as saying. The Road Show represents a set of road show arranged meetings of the management of the company with the existing and potential investors which will be held at multi-functional event locations in the USA, Asia and Europe.

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Mar 15, 2019
The Company's Location on Google Maps

Today Google Maps is one of the most convenient and functional cartographic systems. With that, the developers can't stop adding to this service and relevant mobile applications functionalities. People Allocate One Card International Group is officially registered in Google

In order to find the location of the main administration of the company, it is necessary to enter the company's full name: People Allocate One Card International Group detailing the Mong Kok local district. With the help of Google Maps the client may lay the exact route to the office and get to the place as fast as possible without any traffic jams, find out the working hours and the contact information. View on Maps

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Mar 04, 2019
PAOcard attracts investment for business expansion

Dear clients and partners of PAOcard! 
We hereby announce opening of the investment sector. Additional investor funds are attracted for business extension and client service improvement. PAOcard invites both legal entities and private individuals as investors bаsеd on mutually beneficial terms. 
PAOcard is planning to allocate these finances for development of perspective areas: 
Global expansion – creation of an infrastructure between flat and crypto on the regulated markets all around the world; 
Extension of the cryptoasset list on the platform and development of the basis in order to support hundreds of cryptocurrencies in future; 
Development of utility applications for the cryptocurrency sector.

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Feb 22, 2019
Welcome to the Blockchain technology era with PAOcard

In cooperation with a range of major companies, PAOcard and Prime Credit Bank have tested merchant acquiring. The blockchain-bаsеd platform had been created within 6 months. 
According to the research by People Allocate One Card International Group CO. LIMITED, 81% of respondents consider the opportunity of choosing a currency in order to pay for goods and services as an important feature, Currency conversion is another hidden reef of the international merchant acquiring for the fact that the processing currency (presentment currency) may differ from the payout currency (the currency deposited to the merchant’s bank account). PAOcard erases those barriers and lets the clients choose the payment method.

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Feb 20, 2019
PAOcard will create its own cryptocurrency PAOcoin

CEO of People Allocate One Card International Group CO. LIMITED Man Fai Vito Ng has recently stated that the company will launch its own cryptocurrency. However the main function of the new cryptocurrency will be utility. PAOcoin will be used for wholesale payments of PAOcard private banking and is not considered to be for investment purposes just yet. There are two main reasons for this decision. 

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Feb 11, 2019
Blockchain will have a greater impact on society than the Internet

On the 25th of January People Allocate One Card International Group CO. LIMITED held a PAO2G conference by invitation only for partners and active clients of the PAOcard service. 
CEO Man Fai Vito Ng and other representatives of the company answered the most frequent questions by the community. Also the team members summed up 2018 for the company and outlined prospects for development. 

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Feb 09, 2019
PAOcard VISA® with a 15% charge on the current balance

In keeping with uset agreement owners of debit cards can not only store and use their funds conveniently, but also gain additional income in the firm of 15% per annum on the current balance. 

Chargeing of interests will be conducted on the 15th day of every month for the period from the 16th day of the last month till the 15th day of the current month. 

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Jan 30, 2019
Issue of the multi-blockchain PAOcard Visa® in the USA

Prime Credit Bank and (People Allocate One Card International Group CO., LIMITED) declare that the companies are preparing for introduction of the PAOcard Visa program in the USA after the conducted issue in Hong Kong in January, 2019. 
Using the PAOcard mobile App, holders will be able to operate their card and transactions; and also to freeze and defreeze their card at the click of a button. The card has no charges for withdraw funds in ATMs and no commission charges for transactions. Annual service will cost about $199, but will provide the client with a maximum package of services and privileges. At the moment service supports six cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Dash. 
Here is how it works: users load cryptocurrency into account by virtue of the mobile App, later they convert it into the card account (USD). As soon as it is done, the card is ready to be used everywhere Visa is honoured, including ATMs, retail outlets and restaurants.

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Sep 06, 2018
Renewal of the PAOcard platform

We hereby inform you that the PAOcard official website ( is currently under maintenance. With relation thereto, some of the users may see incorrect information on the website. The maintenance will be finished in the nearest future and the website will function as intended. Should you have any questions please contact company's experts at +852 5801 0934. Please accept our apologies for the temporary inconvenience.

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Mar 16, 2018
PAOcard now has its own debit VISA® card

Hong Kong company People Allocate One Card International Group has announced launch at its motherland of a debit VISA® card under its own brand PAOcard. 
A representative of People Allocate One Card International Group is quoted as saying that before PAOcard Visa® had appeared the company held a survey among its potential clients. Thus, the respondents answered what they value the most in the card and also where and how they spend their free time. As a result of the work done, the PAOcard Visa® was issued with integration of cryptocurrencies and lots of useful options. 

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